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The Battle of the Brush is a live painting competition where teams of artists compete in a time-limited competition before their spontaneous collective works are displayed and judged by local art connoisseurs.

Each team consists of 2 artists with 5 teams per show. The teams compete for 80 minutes in two 40 minute halves.
There is a half-time musical performance where local musicians are spotlighted, showing their talent to the crowd.

There is a cash bar with beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages along with differing food vendors such as a sushi chef, Japanese chocolaterie and more.

People come to enjoy the show and once it the 80 minutes is up, the crowd, then, judges which team should win the competition. They do this through voting.

The winning team, then, moves up to the grand finale where they will compete with all the winning teams of that season.

Season 6 Show Dates:

Next Show Afterwards:  November 3, 2017 – Big Changes for this show and onward…Details to come