Golden Brush Art Events is a Vancouver born company with the purpose of showcasing talented artists through live painting.  We spotlight amazing artists and their artwork through our signature Battle of the Brush live painting competition held 3 times per year.  

Sometimes, we also showcase the artists through private events held by local companies and at weddings.  To date, we have worked with over 200 Vancouver artists and have held over 30 shows.  

The Battle of the Brush is a live painting competition where multiple teams of artists compete in a time-limited competition before their spontaneous collective works are displayed and judged by local art connoisseurs.

How does it work? A group of artists are placed into multiple teams where they will blend their brushstrokes to compete for the Golden Brush title.

Then the brush-to-brush action heats up as each team of artists’ unique painting styles splatter onto the canvas. The creativity, then, unfolds into an impromptu gallery to be viewed and judged by the guests in attendance.

The Battle of the Brush all started from an idea back in 2008 at Chapters Indigo on Broadway and Granville, Vancouver.  A year before this, Kevan Seng had created art calendars with Raymond Chow’s artwork that he sold through Chapters.  His business relationship with Chapters was quite good, having a few events held at various Chapters throughout the lower mainland.  During this time, the general manager, Mike, of the Broadway and Granville location made an offer to Kevan.  Mike said that if Kevan should ever have an event idea for their store, Kevan should let him know and he’d put the idea through.

Left to Right:  Arlana Green, Ron Sombilon, and Raymond Chow
Description:  The first team with the first “Collaboration” painting
Credit:  Sombilon Photography

A year later, Kevan had an idea.  It was a 3 day event held on October 17, 18 and 19, 2008 where he would bring in 3 artists per day to create a painting in the front of the Chapter’s on Broadway and Granville street.  The paintings would be raffled off with the proceeds to Chapter’s Love of Reading Foundation and to Admiral Seymour Elementary School’s library.  

As soon as the painting on the first day began, people stopped and stared and stood for hours watching the art being created.  It was at this moment when Kevan realized there was something here.  After seeing the first painting being created and noticing how happy both the artists and the viewers were at the creation, Kevan knew he had to bring this concept to the public.  

It took a few months of brainstorming before implementing the concept of sport into art and vice versa.  Kevan knew that this might not be taken well by art connoisseurs but figured it was necessary in bridging the gap between art and the general public. Sport and art are usually on two separate paths, but this idea would bring the two together in harmony, promoting collaboration and teamwork.  

Wine on the Mountain

A couple years had passed when Raymond Chow and Kevan Seng were invited to attend an event on Grouse Mountain by Ron Sombilon.  They attended the event and it was on the mountain when Kevan bumped into Jwon, who was the banquet manager at that time.  They introduced each other where Jwon found interest in the art that Kevan was promoting.  

RBC Walk for the Cure

A year passed without any contact from either Jwon or Kevan when Kevan was invited to the RBC Walk for the Cure.  It was a hike up the Grouse Grind, and once at the top of the mountain, all the hikers gathered in a banquet room networking.  Because Kevan was thirsty from the hike, he walked over to the bar.  To his surprise, Jwon was manning the bar.  Kevan and Jwon reconnected after a year and discussed the past years art events that Kevan had done.  

One of the events was the Golden Brush Live Painting Competition which was the fruition of the Chapters event in 2008.  The second event was to be held in the coming month and so, Kevan invited Jwon to attend.  

A Japanese Restaurant

After the second show, Kevan and Jwon met at a Japanese restaurant on Denman street in Vancouver.  It was at this restaurant where Jwon asked to partner with Kevan in doing the art shows together.  However, Kevan already had partner but he said that should anything change, he would let Jwon know, first.  

A week later, Kevan’s partner decided to move on, so, he gave Jwon a call and soon after, they formed a new partnership and company called the Golden Brush Art Events.  This was the beginning of the Battle of the Brush where they have worked to promote over 200 artists in Vancouver, BC since their first show together on March 24, 2011, at that time called the Golden Brush III:  Live Painting Competition.  

The shows have become of higher quality since Jwon came into the picture with the addition of professional lighting systems, stages for the artists to stand on while painting, and excellent and loyal staff.  In the beginning, there were 5 teams of artists with 3 artists per team.    Through testing, the most suitable number of artists per team has been 2, and, now, there have been over 25 shows with that template. 

Winning Team from the Golden Brush III:  Live Painting Competition, March 24, 2011
Left to Right:  Ben Hefford, Tyler Schwindt, David Ullock, Jwon Suh, and Kevan Seng


Currently, Golden Brush Art Events has held over 30 live painting competitions in Vancouver, BC with over 200 artists who have painted in the shows.  There have been over 40 video productions created of the shows and of the artists.  The company plans to expand the shows to other cities in both Canada and the USA in the coming year while maintaining its presence in Vancouver with 3 public shows a year and other private shows on demand.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

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