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Dual Force


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Product Description

Title: Dual Force
Artists:  Jennifer Harwood and Jon Shaw
Size:  5×7 inches
Quantity:  5 cards

Artist Statement:

“Electromagnetism deals with the interaction and forces of dual components. By creating this piece as a pair, our work reflects the duality that exists amongst this scientific force.

Like electromagnetism, we created our piece by interacting and combining skills and abilities to create something unique. We created our piece from a loose abstract base with the intent of building two distinct areas, while allowing spontaneity and on-the-fly discussion to drive the major focal points.

The overall combination of loose paint applications, tight ink drawing, stencils and scientific formula text allowed for a very cool piece of unique art.” – Jon Shaw and Jennifer Harwood.

Each card is individually wrapped in a clear plastic cello wrap with an ivory white envelope.

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